Awarded Grants

DPEF GRANT REQUEST LIST: Awarded to Date as of 09/10/21

TOTAL AMOUNT (2012-2013-2014-2015-2016-2017-2018-2019-2020-2021) = $155,104.99

Special Projects: Baseball Fields and Tyson Agri Building = $625,000.00

GRAND TOTAL $780,104.99

Carrie Taylor2019/2020DMS & DHS Choir 7-12 grade - (12) blue tooth speakers$655.42
Sharla Hartzell and Moss Mathew (student)2019/2020DHS East & Photography - music production$1,290.33
Cindy Hurly, Lisa Rentfro, & Diana Jackson2019/2020DES K-1st, self-contained - outdoor classroom$6,351.79
Nial Blasdell11/22/2019DHS, DMS Band Supplies$1,000.00
Hefley/Kanady3/12/2020DHS, 1984 Orwell Books$1,248.00
Jessica Condley3/12/2020DHS Sr English; Frankenstein Class Set$401.70
Janet Kanady3/12/2020Summer Reading Program$1,760.00
Fields/Young3/12/2020DES; Math Software$2,668.95
Cindy Hurley3/27/2020DSD; CORVID19 - Feed the Kids$4,000.00
TOTAL AMOUNT AWARDED IN 2O19/2020$19,376.19


Reyna Jones2018/2019DHS Spanish - Free Voluntary Reading Library$1,211.03
Milda McCutcheon2018/2019DHS Agri - soil/animal science$533.61
Milda McCutcheon2018/2019DHS Animal Science - small animal handling facility - rabbits$1,609.85
Niall Blasdel2018/2019Band - Instrumental Music$1,000.00
Jocelyn AlveyOct. 2018Art 5-8; Pottery Wheel and Accessories$1,824.82
Starla WeltyOct. 20185-12 Instrumental Music; Large Instrument Cases$963.00
Sharla Hartzell in collaboration with student Shelby WaddoupsOct. 20189-12 EAST & Photography$3,929.96
Deborah StarrOct. 2018Science 7th Grade, DMS; Tower Garden System$1,325.00
Shawnna BullJan. 2019EAST Classroom, 6th-8th, DMS; 3D Printing Tool Kit$2,027.31
Rhonda JacobsMay 2019DHS Business/Finance, Career Ed. & Technology; 9th -12th, DHS$3,540.00
TOTAL BEGINNING OCT. 22, 2018$17,984.58


Angela TitsworthSept. 2017K-4: Head Lice Treatment Kits$400.00
Theresa Burris/Rhonda ParsonOct. 20175-8: Teen Chore Active Chairs$1,513.61
Joanne HeffleyOct. 2017Student Council 9-12; Red Ribbon Week Speaker Fee$750.00
K-12 Building PrincipalsDec. 2017Feed the Children Back Pack Program$2,500.00
Nial Blasdel/Tandem Young (Student)Jan. 2018DHS/DMS$8,147.25
Janet KanadyJan. 2018DHS/Social Studies and Literacy$305.00
Sharla HartzellJan. 2018DHS/Photography and EAST$1,326.53
Jocellyn AlveyJan. 2018DMS/Art/Slab Roller/Pottery Wheel$1,313.39
Karen HillMarch 20185th Grade Input Technology$309.01
DHS Social Studies TeachersMarch 2018DHS Model UN Day$536.42
Janice JonesApril 2018DES K-4 Library Books$1,024.04
Lisa CollinsMay 2018DMS/6-7/Technology/Project Lead the Way/31 Samsung Galaxy Tab A Tablet Android 6.0/31 Protective Cases$7,366.07
Sharla Hartzell/Colby TavernerMay 2018EAST Classroom/9-12/3D Printer and Supplies$1,484.22
Reyna JonesJuly 2018DHS/9-12/Spanish/Free Voluntary Reading Library$1,211.03
Milda McCutcheonAug. 2018DHS/9-12/Agri/Soil/Animal Science$553.61
Milda McCutcheonAug. 2018DHS/9-12/Animal Science/Small Animal Handling Facility/Rabbits$1,609.85
Niall BlasdelAug. 20186-12/Instrumental Music$1,000.00
TOTAL TO DATE 2017-2018$31,350.03
Mary Barnes & Bonnita BatesNov. 2016DES: K-4 Feed the Children Back Pack Program$500.00
Jeff MarlowNov. 2016DHS Band: valve oil, mallets, sticks, reeds$1,000.00
Johanna MassengaleNov. 2016DES: 2nd Grade alternative classroom. Kore Wobble Chair: 7 chairs$584.92
Josh VirdenNov. 2016DMS: Student Council Sponsor. Feed the Children Program$700.00
Theresa BurrisJan. 2017DMS: Special Education grades 5-8; 8 ASUS Chromebook Flips plus License. 50/50 split with DSD: DPEF part:$1,475.16
Geneva CockrillJan. 2017DMS/DHS: Self-Contained CBI (Special Education) grades 5-12; 12 ASUS Chromebooks plus License. 50/50 split with DSD: DPEF part:$1,562.40
Barbara EidnerJan. 2017DHS: English grade 9; 30 ACER Chromebooks plus License. 50/50 split with DSD: DPEF part:$4,426.80
Lisa Renfro, Casey Taylor, Debbie Arivett, Susie Majors, Diana Jackson, Suzanne Srader, Karee Davis, Lisa OlsonJan. 2017DES: Grades K-4, regular classroom, resource, self-contained special education, occupational/physical therapy: Sensory Closet$550.00
Rhonda ParsonJan. 2017DMS/DHS: Special Education/Resource Language Arts: Grades 5-12; 8 ASUS Chromebooks plus license. 50/50 split with DSD: DPEF part:$1,019.90
Janet KanadyMarch 2017DHS: Library Media/STEM Makers Space Program$842.49
Fourth Grade TeamApril 2017DES: 25 Sensory Seating Chairs (Kid-Stay-And-Play-Ball)$375.54
Niall BlasdelAug. 2017DHS and DMS Instrumental Music$1,000.00
Josh Daniels/Marcia WalkerAug. 2017All Classrooms and Libraries - In God We Trust Posters$1,016.00
TOTAL TO DATE 2016-2017$15,053.21
K-12 Administrators (Daniels, Forehand, Tavener)Nov. 2015DES; DMS; DHS Feed the Children Backpack Program (WalMart Donation)$2,500.00
Jeff MarlowNov. 2015DHS Smart Music Computerized Practice and Testing System$2,100.00
Jeff MarlowFeb. 2016DHS Band; Reeds, Oil, Mallets$1,000.00
Sharla HartzellMarch 2016DHS: iMac Computer Station (EAST & Photography)$1,626.42
Janet KanadyMarch 2016DHS: Library Makerspace Program Materials$353.00
Joceyln AlveyMarch 2016DMS Art: Kiln and supplies$2,442.79
Third Grade Teachers: Collins, Race, LaRue, Williams, Fields, HoodMay 2016DES: 25 Acer Chromebooks and Cart (District Match)$4,624.27
Petrina RoeMay 2016DES: Raised Bed Garden$875.29
TOTAL TO DATE 2015-2016$15,521.77
Jeff MarlowAug. 2014Band$1,000.00
Sharla HartzellNov. 2014EAST: Quad Copter & GoPro Kit$1,586.06
Karen Hill2015Jr. FBLA State & National Dues$180.00
Theresa Burris2015DHS Special Ed: 8 Laptop Computers$2,960.00
Josh Daniels; Donny Forehabnd; JoLynn Taverner2015K-12 Feed the Children Back Pack Program. Made possible through WalMart Grant$7,500.00
Lola Condley2015DES: 15 Kindle Fire Tablets with Covers$2,000
Karen Hill; Suzy Pennington; Deborah Starr2015Business/Technology/ALE – DMS: Headphones for 75 computers$1,098.25
Janet KanadyJune 2015Social Studies/Literacy$702.00
Janet KanadyJune 2015DHS Library$323.67
Rhonda JacobsJune 2015DHS Business$650
Karen HillJuly 2015DMS Business/Technology$1,195.00
Deborah StarJuly 2015DMS Alt. Ed.$2,310.00
Mary BarnesJuly 2015DES - Feed The Children$1,000.00
Suzanne SraderJuly 2015DES - School Supply Back Packs$1,000.00
TOTAL TO DATE 2014-2015$23,504.98
Casey Taylor2014Elementary School(Kindergarten) –
(6) iPads & Cases
Alicia Taylor / Janet Kanady2014High School Biology Interactive Software for Lab Work & Experiments$1240
Victoria Costley2014High School Geometry: Class Set of Compasses$177.60
Elizabeth Nichols2014Middle School Boot Camp: T-shirts & Incentives/Rewards$493.78
Kelley Chance2014Elementary School (6) iPads for 1st grade class$2,003.28
Amber Race2014Elementary School (Second Grade)-
(5) iPod Touch- Cases & Apple TV
Jeff Marlow2014Band: Reeds, oil/grease, mallets & sticks$1,000
Janet Kanady2014High School Library Fiction & Nonfiction Books$2,952.78
First Grade Team Elementary: Petrina Roe, Suzanne Srader, Debbie Arivett, Cindy Hurley, Rikki LaRue, Kelly Chance
2014iPads & Covers – One per classroom$2,003.28
Media Specialists K-12: Janice Jones, Maria Whitted, Janet Kanady2014Big 6 Research Process (K-12)$1,470.00
Christie Reams: Speech Therapy K-122014(3) iPads/Covers/Apps$1,849.51
TOTAL TO DATE 2014$17,422.30
LOLA CONDLEY2013Elementary School$2,147.88
Elementary Tech Team2013Elementary School$2,707.92
Greg Smith2013Athletics$2,700
Janet Kanady2013Middle School Media$8,000
Jeff Marlow2013Band$500
TOTAL FOR 2013$16,055.80